Aug 4, 2019. I Samuel 14:11-23, Jonathon, Warrior of God

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JONATHON—WARRIOR OF GOD. I Samuel 14:11-23. 08/04/2019. #41.

1 Samuel 14:11-23 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 So both of them showed themselves to the garrison of the Philistines. And the Philistines said, “Look, the Hebrews are coming out of the holes where they have hidden.” 12 Then the men of the garrison called to Jonathan and his armorbearer, and said, “Come up to us, and we will show you something.” Jonathan said to his armorbearer, “Come up after me, for the Lord has delivered them into the hand of Israel.” 13 And Jonathan climbed up on his hands and knees with his armorbearer after him; and they fell before Jonathan. And as he came after him, his armorbearer killed them. 14 That first slaughter which Jonathan and his armorbearer made was about twenty men within about half an acre of land. 15 And there was trembling in the camp, in the field, and among all the people. The garrison and the raiders also trembled; and the earth quaked, so that it was a very great trembling. 16 Now the watchmen of Saul in Gibeah of Benjamin looked, and there was the multitude, melting away; and they went here and there. 17 Then Saul said to the people who were with him, “Now call the roll and see who has gone from us.” And when they had called the roll, surprisingly, Jonathan and his armorbearer were not there. 18 And Saul said to Ahijah, “Bring the ark of God here” (for at that time the ark of God was with the children of Israel). 19 Now it happened, while Saul talked to the priest, that the noise which was in the camp of the Philistines continued to increase; so Saul said to the priest, “Withdraw your hand.” 20 Then Saul and all the people who were with him assembled, and they went to the battle; and indeed every man’s sword was against his neighbor, and there was very great confusion. 21 Moreover the Hebrews who were with the Philistines before that time, who went up with them into the camp from the surrounding country, they also joined the Israelites who were with Saul and Jonathan. 22 Likewise all the men of Israel who had hidden in the mountains of Ephraim, when they heard that the Philistines fled, they also followed hard after them in the battle. 23 So the Lord saved Israel that day, and the battle shifted to Beth Aven.

  1. Jonathan’s boldness
    1. Jonathan was extremely brave, bold, and faithful
      1. His armor bearer was equally brave and loyal
      1. To challenge an entire Philistines garrison was brazen
    1. There is a major difference between faith and foolishness
      1. A fool acts on his own
      1. A person of faith is led by the Lord
      1. Jonathan felt led by the Lord to attack Philistines on own
      1. The faithful know when they are being led by the Lord
      1. The foolish push through stop signs put up by the Lord, always with devastating results
    1. The faithful are led to minister, even if it is difficult
      1. Amos was led to deliver a message
      1. Esther was led to become queen and protect her people
      1. Ruth was led to glean in Boaz’s field
      1. Jeremiah was led to warn of pending judgment
    1. The foolish are presumptuous
      1. Jacob fooled his father, lsaac, with bad results
      1. Abraham takes Hagar to wife without consulting with God and Moses strikes the rock
      1. Joshua attacks Ai without being led to do so
      1. Gehazi lies to get wealth from Naaman
    1. Certain urges are from God: Abraham being led to Canaan, Caleb led to attack giants, Elijah led to Mount Carmel to confront priests of Baal
    1. Certain urges are from ourselves and not God: Jephthah’s rash vow, Balaam’s desire to please Balak, Paul’s desire to go to Jerusalem, Peter backing away from Gentile believers, Solomon marrying foreign wives
    1. A faithful believer can sense the leading of the Spirit
      1. Acts 13 the Spirit led Paul to go to Europe
      1. The Spirit led Abigail to stop David from committing wanton murder
  2. The hand of God
    1. Jonathan sought a sign from God (a certain statement from the Philistine’s garrison)
    1. Signs were typical in Old Testament dealings (Gideon, Saul, Hezekiah, Abraham, and even at the birth of Christ in Bethlehem)
    1. In the New Testament, the Spirit directly led disciples without signs
      1. Peter discerning Ananias’s lie, Philip going to the desert, Paul had several visions…
      1. Matthew 16:4 a wicked generation seeks a sign
    1. Jonathan moved when Philistines gave the sign, “Come up here…”
    1. Jonathan and armor bearer kill 20 Philistines within half an acre
  3. God takes charge
    1. One movement of faith brought God’s full power to bear in a great victory (ground shaking, confusion, and Philistines attacking each other as with Gideon and Midianites)
    1. God allows the hiding Israelites to gain a great victory
    1. Often God waits for one faithful man to step forward at his leading before he demonstrates his great power
    1. God gains the victory and his people gain the benefit